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  • Project Management + assistance
  • Change Management
  • Organisational development
  • Process facilitation of strategy development


  • Individual and teams
  • Optimizing and strengthening cooperation
  • Conflicts and mediation
  • Supervision


  • Certified Solutionsurfers Brief Coach Trainer
  • ICF certified trainer
  • Solution-Focused process facilitation
  • Entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship for managers and consultants


  • Large groups i.e. conferences and departments
  • Public and private organisations i.e. kickstarts of campaigns and organisational development


Using the Solution-Focused approach

Years of professional experience

Working languages, Danish, English & German


Customer made - not custom made

Jesper H Christiansen

A description of the services I offer as a consultant, facilitator and (team)coach.

Site is in English, Deutsch and Danish.

Keywords: consultant, project assistance, change management, conflict mediation, coaching

Solutionsurfers Danmark

Kurser, workshops og uddannelse i løsningsfokuseret coaching og facilitering. Solutionsurfers Brief Coach uddannelse tæller under ICF’s ACSTH – Accredited Coaching Specific Training Hours.

For english go to:

Keywords: coaching, certification, training, uddannelse, undervisning, ICF, Brief Coach

Edgeware Europe

Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship offers trainings and coaching for sole-traders and small businesses online and in person.

For Edgeware Australia got to:

Keywords: entrepreneurship, training, organisational development, business, products and team development

A blog site with writings about Solution-Focused used in various business situations. The articles are primarily in English and Danish.

Great Gatherings

GreatGatherings offers large group interventions i.e. conferences and company kick-offs. Furthermore it is a sketchbook for tools and process descriptions using the Solution Focused approach in large group interventions. beskæftiger sig med leg og læring i alle aldersgrupper.

I undervisningsøjemed over konferencer til forandringsprocesser i organisationer.

Brief And Simple

This collection of writings shows international experience of applying Solution Focus in team coaching and organizational development all around the world as well as interviews with leaders using SF in their everyday work.

I have a chapter in the book called “From Frustration to Cooporation” – and you can read it here.


Coaching · Training · Beratung.

– Katalin Hankovszky

– Jesper H Christiansen

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